mtcooksalmonstockshot4-7-15Ed Chiles Unveils Latest Project; Restaurants Adds Two World-Class Menu Items

Mt. Cook King Salmon and Sunray Venus Clams Serve as Healthy, Sustainable Options

ANNA MARIA, FLORIDA (May 12, 2015) – As healthy, organic and sustainable trends in the restaurant industry grow, The Chiles Group of Restaurants – Sandbar Restaurant on Anna Maria Island, Beach House on Bradenton Beach and Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant on Longboat Key – is leading the way.

Known for their farm-to-fork and tide-to-table products, the restaurants – each offering a unique waterfront dining experience on the Gulf of Mexico – have placed heightened focus on serving locally grown products and heritage seafood dishes, truly bringing the fresh taste of Old Florida to each plate served. To further support this emphasis, the restaurants ultimately concentrate on serving the most sustainable seafood available, no matter the origin.

To that end, and under the guidance of restaurant owner and culinary enthusiast, Ed Chiles, all three restaurants are incorporating new dishes, one featuring arguably the world’s top fish and the other resulting from one of Chiles’ latest projects: Mt. Cook King Salmon and Sunray Venus Clams.

Mt. Cook King Salmon: Undoubtedly one of the most highly-prized salmon in the world,

Mt. Cook King Salmon are raised and hatched in the crystal clear waters on New Zealand’s southern island at 2,000 feet above the tree and habitation line. This elevation keeps the altitude fresh and highly oxygenated, resulting in a healthy and lean fish. Mt. Cook King Salmon also spend their lifetime swimming against stream ensuring the fish is fit with a low fat content and a dense texture unlike most other salmon. Mt. Cook Salmon is raised without color additives, hormones or antibiotics and fed only organic sustainable fishmeal. The end result is a bright orange fillet offering a moist, silky, rich flavor to the palette. Mt. Cook Salmon is sought after by the world’s leading chefs and the Chiles Restaurants are proud to be serving this craved, environmentally friendly sustainable fish at all three locations.

Sunray Venus Clams:  The Chiles Restaurants are located directly in the middle of the only place in the United States with three national estuaries – made up of Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay and Charlotte Harbor. Due to Florida’s warm temperatures and nutrient rich water quality, these waters are ideally suited to grow some of the world’s most delicious and highly sought after bivalves. Chiles is working closely with Curt Hemmel, one of the leading bi-valve experts in the country, on the first commercial production of native Sunray Venus clams. Unlike hard clams, these clams open easily after being frozen, making them ideal to export. Not only is this an impactful economic development project for the Tampa Bay area, Chiles’ is also serving this heritage seafood product in all three restaurants. The chefs are creating several dishes with the Sunray Clams, including casino style, steamed with white wine and garlic butter and with Bob Wood’s Chipotle Sausage in a pasta dish.

“We are always looking for unique opportunities and partnerships, the best products and new ways to serve them,” said Ed Chiles. “We are thrilled to be working with Curt Hemmel to bring fresh, quality clams from just off our shores and fish sought after by the world’s leading chefs to dishes at all three of our restaurants. The clam project is of particular importance to us. Each clam filters approximately 10 gallons of water a day. We believe this could be a major economic development engine for our area as well as of ecological and environmental benefit to our waters.

sunrayclamsThis Week in Sarasota article. written by popular food blogger and foodie Jack Littman Quinn, features the Sandbar Restaurant and talks about all the unique, locally sourced menu items we now have on our menus.

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Mother's DayShow Mom just how special she is and how much you love her with a visit to one of our three waterfront restaurants. Let her kick off her shoes and sink her toes in the sand while she enjoys a delicious meal, a tropical drink or glass of wine. Don’t forget about the Sandbar’s Sunday Jazz Brunch from 10-1:30 with live jazz music. The Beach House will be serving their dinner menu all day with specials featuring juicy filet mignon, succulent lobster as well as a variety of fresh fish to choose from. For a special treat, try one of our newest menu items, Mt. Cook Salmon, some of the best salmon in the world. See our blog for more on Mt. Cook Salmon and a feature written by our R&D Chef Erik Walker. The Sandbar will also be serving dinner all day and will be taking preferred seating for the inside dining room with the deck being open seating. The Mar Vista is a great spot to bring mom by boat to sit under the ancient Buttonwood trees, on the covered deck or inside the quaint dining room. Whatever your plans on Mother’s Day, treat her like the queen that she is! And to all our moms, Happy Mother’s Day!


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