Seared Scallops over Arugula with Crispy Bacon and Country Dijon Vinaigrette

June 11, 2008

Sandbar Restaurant


1 oz Olive Oil
5 Sea Scallops
5 oz Arugula
2 oz crispy bacon crumbles
3 cherry tomatoes
1 ½ oz country Dijon Vinaigrette

Country Dijon Vinaigrette
2 oz Country Dijon mustard
4 oz salad oil
1 oz lemon juice
1 oz water

In a bowl combine mustard, lemon juice and water.
Whisk in salad oil slowly until emulsified.


In a hot pan add olive oil and sear scallops two minutes on each side.
Pour 1 ½ oz vinaigrette over the arugula and toss well.
Put coated Arugula on a serving plate.
Add the scallops crispy bacon and cherry tomatoes for garnish.

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