Ready to CHOWDOWN…For Charity?

October 4, 2010

Chowdown for CharityDo you like to eat? (Yes.) Let’s get more specific, do you like to eat good food from the area’s best restaurants? (Absoultely!!) Do you enjoy helping others? (Why, of course.) Then we have something for you! A reasonably-priced event that features delicious food from seven restaurants with proceeds going to a local hunger-prevention charity. Are you in? Great! Then we’ll see you at the Chowdown for Charity on October 28 from 5 – 8pm! Mark your calendar and get your tickets now before it sells out!

We know, the deal is already sealed for you, but the best part is, this event is also a competition, so all of the restaurants participating will also be vying for the big win. There is a judge’s panel with local celebrity judges and then there is YOU, the guests, who will judge the “Crowd Favorite” award. And since there’s a trophy involved, the food will only be better because of it (chefs generally hate losing)! One of the excellent restaurants participating is our very own Mar Vista. So attendees will get to enjoy some of the restaurant’s Florida favorites. We can’t give away what will be served (don’t want to give the other restaurants a heads-up on our mouth-watering menu)! Plus, pairings from the Budweiser family will be offered by the Gold Coast Eagle beverage distributer. Laidback steel drum music will be provided by John Rinell, one of our favorites here at BeachHouse and Sandbar.

Proceeds will go to The Food Bank of Manatee and ProStart. The Food Bank of Manatee is the largest hunger prevention organization in Manatee County, working with 100 service agencies, soup kitchens and food pantries. All donations stay local, so people in our community who are in need will benefit directly from your contributions. Prostart is a job-training program for today’s high school graduates developed by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association.

The Details:

Date: October 28, 5-8pm
Location: Gold Coast Eagle’s Hospitality Court
7051 Wireless Court
Sarasota, FL
Ticket Info: Tickets are $40 for one or $70 for two.
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