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May 1, 2017

20161105_123908Florida Datil pepperA couple of months ago we introduced you to Zachary Rasmussen, our friendly valet guy with blond dreadlocks and a smile that will make your day. Zach is not only one of our valet superstars but he is also a proficient gardener and budding expert in the field of permaculture. He has taken an interest in what we are doing here at the Sandbar and at our farms. So much so that he has been managing the onsite garden at the restaurant which along with some help from staff and chefs is producing herbs  and produce that are being used on the menus.

Zach’s latest update reads, “Despite not having our usual spring rains for the month of April and May the Sandbar gardens are still thriving! In the gardens new for the month of May we have cilantro, nasturtium, sage, flat leaf parsley, purslane, dill, new edible flowers, Thai basil, new lavender, ginger, cranberry hibiscus, spinach, amaranth, Thai peppers and the Florida native Datil pepper which has been especially productive. This is a true culinary pepper. It is sweet, smoky and super hot – an absolutely unique and delicious pepper! Patrick McKanna, our kitchen manager, has been experimenting with the idea to start infusing our Sandbar water with herbs and aromatics like Ginger and Lemongrass from the gardens. “Spring Avenue” water will be nutrient dense, electrolyte rich water to be served to our guest as a palate cleanser and a great way to beat the heat as we get into summer.”

Thanks for the update Zach. We can’t wait to have our guests try the water and see what comes of those peppers. Next time you are at the Sandbar look for Zach and have him show you the gardens!

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