Mexican Corn

August 2, 2017

mexican corn 525 hankMexican Corn


2 Ears of Silver Queen Corn or a sweet corn variety
3 Cups Whole Milk
2 oz. Cotija Cheese
.5 oz. Freshly Chopped Cilantro
1 Half Fresh cut Lime
2 Dashes Seasoned Salt
1 LB Salted Butter

Place 3 cups milk and 1 Pound of salted butter into a pan to bring to a light simmer. Then, shuck two ears of corn, grasp them in the center with your hands and snap them in half. Now place the four pieces of corn into the pan once mixture is simmering. Let cook for 15 minutes, remove from milk. Using a mixing bowl, toss the ears of corn in with Cotija cheese, freshly chopped cilantro, and seasoned salt. Place Corn into serving dish. Take the half of lime and squeeze fresh lime juice over the entire dish. Serve and Enjoy!

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