Sandbar Eco Garden Update from Zach!

August 2, 2017

20161104_130027 20161105_120855 20161105_123908With the recent high heat and lots of rain; the Sandbar Eco Gardens have been flourishing beautifully this summer. These gardens are located right on the grounds of the restaurant and are managed by Zach Rasmussen, our local permaculture expert and awesome valet guy!

Here’s the latest Eco Garden update from Zach:

“The chefs are constantly experimenting with culinary edibles from our gardens. In the kitchen Chef Harashio incorporated Sweet Marjoram from the garden to make a compound butter for his favorite chicken dish; while Chef Pat is chopping down herbs and superfoods for our Spring Avenue water served up on the weekends. We serve it to guests while they are waiting for their table or as they leave after lunch or dinner. There is no comparison when it comes to using fresh produce from the gardens.
We have recently introduced a few new exotic plants that should establish themselves nicely. We also added a Peach Ghost Pepper, 2 wild Hot Pepper plants, Cape Gooseberry, Naranjilla, Pananama Cherry, Ho Shou Wu, and the Blackberry Jam Fruit. Many of these plants are considered superfoods or have been used as medicine in ancient cultures because of their nutrient complexity. To keep these plants at their peak nutrient levels we have been making large batches of biochar. Biochar is charred wood and ash that has been inoculated with beneficial microbes. When biochar is used in the soil for plant production it gives an explosion of complex nutrients, microbes and nitrogen to the soil; it is said that a 1 ounce piece of inoculated biochar has the surface area of a football field size piece of land. Biochar and on-site made compost are the only two fertilizers being used at our Sandbar Eco Gardens. We’re creating nutrient and purity levels way beyond organic! Our goal is to waste less and create more, fresh, nutrient rich foods from our gardens to your table!”

You can ask to see our gardens right on the Sandbar property whenever you visit us for lunch and dinner. If you get lucky, Zach will be working the valet and give you a personal tour.

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