Hurricane Irma Restaurant Damage Report

September 14, 2017

First we would like to report that WE ARE OPEN!

On behalf of the management and teams at the Beach House, Mar Vista and Sandbar Restaurants we would like to thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and support during Hurricane Irma. Additionally, we would like to thank the hard work of the Manatee County Emergency Operations team, first responders, utility crews, city and county public works, county and city commissioners, clean-up crews and everybody who helped keep the residents, businesses and employees on Anna Maria Island and throughout Manatee County safe during this hurricane.

As we undergo efforts to clean up and get reopened (all three restaurants are now open), we know it could have very easily been us. And while we are thankful that it wasn’t us our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the hurricane and especially to those south of us and in the keys and Caribbean islands who received most of the devastating effects of hurricane Irma.

We are grateful to be able to report the following:

bh2The Beach House – We had some debris and lots of sand on the deck, but all of our renovations and the restaurant stood up to the hurricane and came away unscathed.

mv 1Mar Vista – We lost some of the branches of the ancient Buttonwood trees but 80% of them are still standing. Otherwise we came out without a scratch. The construction you see isn’t from the hurricane, but a part of our renovations of the dining room that were started before the hurricane.

sandbarThe Sandbar – The restaurant lived up to its name for a few days while we shoveled, swept and dug out from the piles of sand that came under the deck for a quick drink and a grouper sandwich. The restaurant itself is just fine as is our wedding pavilion, office and storage buildings.

We are happy to say that the tradition of creating great memories for our guests will continue!

Anna Maria Island and our restaurants are open for business. We look forward to serving you!

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