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What Are Cocktail Smokers And Are They Worth It?

cocktail smokers

There are many types of cocktail smokers, but the basic idea behind them is simple: Fire is used to infuse your drink with smoke, usually after you put it under a dome or into a box filled with wood chips or sawdust. A simple whiskey drink, a traditional cocktail, or any other cocktail you can imagine are all acceptable options for smoking. Depending on the wood you’re burning, the resulting flavor can range from savory to smoky, but it always makes for a delicious drink.

The time is now to craft the next at-home hobby you’ve always wanted. We know you like fancy restaurant cocktails that come out emitting cool smoke. The availability of one-stop apparatuses of varying prices makes it easier than ever to smoke at home. It’s fun and easy to learn how to smoke cocktails if you like grilling and learning how to mix cocktails at home.

How does a cocktail smoker work?

A cocktail smoker adds smoke to a drink and also gives the drink a smoky flavor. A smoker gun and wood chips are used with different setups, such as the smoking box, the smoking cloche, and the smoking lid.

What is the best way to use a cocktail smoker?

The smoke can be let in the vessel after it has been chilled. Pour your prepared cocktail back into the vessel when it has the desired amount of smoke. Smoke flavors will most likely be present in the first 30 seconds of cooking. Take a sip of the liquid and enjoy it

Are cocktail smokers worth it?

The cocktail smokebox may be a novelty, but if you’re into flavor mixing and trying out new drinks, it is well worth the price. The smoke is meant to enhance the flavor of the drink, but it will disappear within a few minutes. Hence, we highly recommend to do your online research to find the best cocktail smoker that fit your needs and home bar.
smoking a cocktail



You can smoke liquid ingredients like tomato juice or simple syrup for Mint Juleps by filling a small mason jar two-thirds full, adding a very small amount of smoke, sealing it, and shaking it up. If you want to taste it, open it when the smoke has dissipated. The amount of smoke can be increased as necessary. Before using the liquid, check the smoke to see if it needs more boost. Store the liquid in the same way you would normally.

Wood Infused With Oils Or Bourbon

You can also soak wood in aromatic oils or bourbon to enhance its flavor. Your favorite smoker will enjoy using used bourbon barrels as a wood.


When combined with peated whisky, cedar smoke adds a cigar box scent to scotch cocktails. To smoke a Penicillin or a Rob Roy with cedar, try using a Rob Roy or Rob Roy.

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